Boris Dov Dolin

The short version – an author, guide and admirer of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. Married to the amazing Liat and best friends with Ktanfus, an undisciplined brown husky.


The not-so-short version goes like this:


Did you ever feel an absolute belonging to a place? Three decades ago, my family came from the Soviet Union. It was a long and difficult journey, but eventually, on the first evening in Israel, we found ourselves standing in front of the Old City of Jerusalem. The sky was full of stars and the golden walls looked as if they were always there. Probably because, one way or another, they were. At that moment, I promised to make Jerusalem my home. I was only eight, and nobody listened, but eventually I did.

Many years went by since that first moment, and many things happened. I served in the IDF, working with underprivileged youth. Then came the Israeli Nature Preservation Society, and work with children and families. Then a change. It was the time of the second Intifada – a period of suicide bombers and terrible bloodshed. I felt that something needed to be done, so I became a sniper in the Israeli police force. At the same time, I got a Masters degree in National Security and Military Strategy Studies. My research, which is published now as a non-fiction book, dealt with the Soviet intervention in the Middle East. Then another change – the Intifada was over and I went back to education.

In 2008, after working with various educational organizations, I became a tour guide – but my focus always was in a different place. I am not here to tell endless facts, or being an entertainment act between meals. If you are looking for those, honestly – I am not the address. However, if you are searching for a meaningful experience, for a strong conversation, for an actual discovery – you know where to find me. Here.

Since day one, in front of the walls, this place became a part of me. With all its complexity, all its madness and all its kindness and warmth. I live my life surrounded with stories – mainly the amazing story of the Jewish People, my People, but also all the other cultures, civilizations and religions that formed this land.

So, I invite you to join me in discovery and just like it happened to me once – to get the Israel Syndrome. My name is Boris Dov Dolin, and though being absolutely self-appointed - I speak for Israel.