• Boris Dov Dolin

When in Jerusalem - Look Up

Every ancient city in the world is full of stories and histories. You can find some of them in an old book, other you will hear from locals and tour guides. But many of those stories are built into the structure of the city and become phisically a part of it. When walking in Jerusalem I always try to uncover them, to look for an old carving, a forgotten writing, a rooftop that I've never seen before. This is why I am so fascinated by this image - this specific corner - in the Holy Sepulcure.

This is one of the crowded places in the City. Thousands of people go through this hall every day. And yet only few of them raise their eyes and see this amazing mixture of geometry, history and religion. The wall on the right is from the time of the crusades - and you can actually see the corner of the Golgotha. The wall on the left is new, and it is part of the Greek Orthodox great hall, at the center of the church. Together they create this special corner, and it is only one of many.

So next time in Jerusalem, look around you and try to find those points of view that are hiding in plain sight. It will make your visit much deeper and much more personal.

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